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Coláiste Bríde Policies

Page history last edited by mr moynihan 7 years, 10 months ago


This webpage contains a list of the school policies which are currently available to download.  

Click on each link to download a PDF file. 

As policies are often changed or updated it is advisable to email the school at office@colaistebride.ie to insure that you have accessed the most recent copy of each policy. 


1. Health and Safety 

4. Anti-Bullying 

7. Access to Records

10. Internet Use 

13. Mission Statement 

16. L.C.V.P Policy

19. Homework Policy

22. S.P.H.E.

2. Pastoral Care Policy

5. Admissions/Enrolment Policy

8. Administration of Medicines

11. Library Use Policy

14. Discipline Policy

17. Sports Policy

20. Voluntary Contribution

23. Laboratory Safety

3. Prevention of Substance Abuse

6. Relationships and Sexuality Education

9. School Trips

12. Student Council Policy

15. Transition Year Policy

18. Uniform Policy 

21. Fire and Safety Drill 








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