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Miss Kearns

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 To all TY students who got through to the southern final of the junk kouture competition!

All results are listed on junk kouture's facebook page. Well done girls!!! 









6th Year Art 3rd Year Art   TY Art Craft and Design  5th Year LCVP 




6th Year Art:

Please complete the following Art history Essay for your Art History Exam that should have been given in class time on tuesday 21st December.


European Art (this should take you 45 minutes)


Answer (a), (b) and (c)


(a)Choose and name a work that fits into one of the following categories:


  • a self portrait of an artist
  • a portrait of a single person 
  • a painting that depicts war
  • a painting that features children
  • a painting that depicts a biblical scene

(b)Discuss the work you have chosen in detail, making reference to style, composition, technique, the artist and theperiod in which it was produced.

(c)Name, and briefly discuss one other example from the same category, or a second work by the artist you have chosen.

Use Sketches to illustrate your answer.


And for Lorraine, Maria, Shauna G, and Vera, here is the exam question you missed and is also to be completed.


General Appreciation.

(a) Name a museum or gallery you have visited recently and discuss, in detail, two works that impressed you.

(b) If you were offered a number of the works from this exhibition on loan to your school suggest a suitable location to display them, and discuss layout, lighting and any other aids you would use to enhance the display.

Illustrate your answer.




Try to keep up some practice drawing

Enjoy the holidays girls, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!




3rd Year Art 


3rd Years should have their

  • composition completed, 
  • colour studies on individual objects
  • cut them out and mount them on suitable paper (so its ready to stick down on your prep sheet when you come back)
  • anyone who has a photocopy of their painting can practice away on that
  • Don't start anything on the real  painting!!


Enjoy the holidays girls, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!


 TY Art Craft and Design


Hi all, keep up the good work on your dresses, deadline is fast approaching! 


Happy Christmas!




5th Year LCVP


CV and Career Investigation must be emailed to me, and just a reminder that you will have a test on Preparation for the world of work and completing a Career Investigation.


Happy Christmas!




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